Survey Programming

You provide the questionnaire and we'll manage the entire field process. No need to acquire expensive software, commit to license agreements, or employ the staff to maintain and operate survey applications. The Biz Intel team can acquire sample and field your study seamlessly and efficiently – at prices lower than you might think! We are an affordable alternative to DIY.

Data Processing

Biz Intel delivers the accurate and timely tabulations you need. Our highly experienced staff produces everything from the simple to the most complex data tables one could design. We deliver data in many electronic formats: as files, via web pages, and interactive portals. By pressing a few keys you can share data with colleagues in easy-to-interpret formats that add value to the insight discovery process.


We offer a variety of real-time online reporting and data delivery tools. Our clients utilize either customized dashboards (designed from scratch) or sets of predefined tools that bring data to life. Our robust in-the-moment discovery tools help you make real-time decisions. Advanced web-based reporting allows you to investigate data beyond standard reports via a point-and-click user interface.

Business Intelligence

Our products support multiple data streams, synthesizing data across many platforms to deliver critical insights all in one place. We design our tools to support a highly flexible browser-based architecture, enabling implementation in days or weeks, rather than months. We provide data accessibility with security – delivering technology that allows information access anywhere, at any time!

IT solutions

Helping you find the right IT solutions

Rides the leading edge of technology, to unlock the true power of the web. Dedicated research professionals bring clients fast, powerful, useful data.